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I just wanted to thank all of you for your support, your comments, your help, your thoughts and your smiles. it has been such a wonderful journey so far, and I can’t be anything but thankful for this adventurous experience. I would certainly not be who I am today without you shaping my visions and opening my eyes for some of the beauty which exist in this not-so-small world. thank you for being a part of my life, and thank you for sharing yours with me.

now I’m ready for a new year! I’ll continue my ever-lasting journey, and hopefully learn a lot of new things, meet a lot of new people, see a lot of new places and go through a lot of new experiences. I wish you the best for the new year, you deserve it! <3


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I’ve had these saved on my computer forever, but I have obviously never posted them. ok, now I’ll go back to the coding of the new layout now! seriously, how have you managed to stare at this shit for almost a whole year without complaining once???! haha!


2 comments | Thursday, December 27th | author: ida

I might be talking to myself right now, but I really hope there still might be some people who’s just as excited as I am about me writing a new blogpost. (you know, that’s quite an an achievement for me as I haven’t done this since summer, and I tend to forget too easily.) so how’s everyone doing? :D has anything new happened in your lives?

If you ask me? Then the answer is yes! Since last time we spoke I’ve bought my very first camera (YESYESYES I SAVED ENOUGH MONEY!), booked a trip to London next summer with my bestfriends and ordered a pair of new sandals (haha I still love shopping). For the past months, I’ve been through ups and downs, but the bad is in the past now, and as we’re embracing a new year soon, I think it’s for the best to leave it there! :D

sooooo to the point of this blogpost: I just wanted to let you know I’ll be updating this place very soon! I want to try something brand new and get rid of those ugly ads as I don’t think they benefited me at all (they just used me and my site’s space). I just can’t give up now, not when I’ve got this far! SEE YOU ALL SOON!

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